About Us

We are an Austin-based online store with a passion in matcha! Having studied the Japanese culture and language for many years, our passion for traditional matcha green tea flourished years before Matcha even hit the North-American Market. It wasn’t until after we graduated university that we decided to not only provide the highest quality Matcha but to also share our passion with the rest of the world.

Our Background

We know true matcha -- and we can’t emphasize that enough. Through establishing liaisons and communicating upfront with Japanese farmers, we provide the most delicious tasting, highest quality, and healthiest organic matcha that the world has to offer. No pesticides, no chemicals, and no muddy-taste -- our matcha is certified organic, all natural, shaded to reduce oxidization, hand-picked, steamed, and ground in traditional stone mills to bring out its natural sweet and umami flavors.

Our Values

We value authenticity and high quality -- which is why we source our Matcha straight from Kyoto, Japan. The fact that our Matcha is high quality doesn’t just mean that it tastes great, it also means that it’s chock full of fat-burning catechins, mood-enhancing l-theanine, and anti-aging antioxidants! In fact, researchers haven proven that there is a direct correlation between the quality of matcha and its health-promoting properties. So don’t settle for bargain-valued Matcha when you know you can enjoy our sweet-tasting high-quality matcha. Why wouldn’t you want matcha that tastes good and is good for you?

Meet Us


I am a green tea and matcha-fanatic with interests in healthy living, nutrition, cooking, Japanese culture, language, cuisine, and meditation. I chanced upon Matcha when I was only 15 years old, and have continued ever since. My discovery was a result of an interest in the Japanese language, culture, and philosophy, all of which I majored in at college. As my knowledge of the language flourished through study, so did my love of matcha.

A little about myself

My history with matcha dates back more than half a decade, and thus my relationship has rendered me more than just a connoisseur -- my taste-buds are sensitive to subtle sweet, slightly bitter, and umami flavors of matcha. I appreciate a slight bitter profile that leaves an earthy sweet aftertaste on my tongue and welcome the alert, zen state of mind that comes with every sip. I credit matcha for allowing me to ditch coffee and calm the stresses of everyday life. Matcha has had a positive effect not only on my mental well-being (I definitely fall into the "zen-tea-drinker" category) but also has greatly impacted my physical health as well. Both my friends and relatives are aware of my matcha obsession and have gladly taken my suggestion to try it out for themselves.

When I founded MariMatcha, researching the many grades and variants of matcha available, I put my years of experience to the test to find the highest quality matcha available in Japan. I used my Japanese language skills, cultivated over years of study, to speak one on one with our suppliers, ensuring that our Matcha was authentically grown and harvested. I tasted hundreds of samples, deeply analyzing the aroma, color, consistency, and taste of each. When I finally discovered our future matcha, I was blown away by its quality. All other brands, which before seemed sacrosanct, could not compare with what I had discovered. MariMatcha had been my dream, but at that moment it became a reality: MariMatcha was born.

Positive effects aside, matcha is more than just a health food trend or your standard cup of Joe -- It is a work of art. It is rich with tradition, history, and culture, all of which are interwoven with an unforgettable taste left on the palate. When people told me that they had never tried real, authentic matcha (not the low-quality matcha that is often served with sugar and additives at coffee shops), I almost felt betrayed. Matcha is a love that I wish to share with everyone. I want to show the world what they are missing out on. As cheesy as it might sound, matcha makes me happy, and I want others to share that happiness with me. Every time someone tries our Matcha and thinks "wow- this is great", I am validated. It's a shared experience of joy for me.


I wholeheartedly believe that the health benefits, taste, and history embedded in Matcha is notable and worth sharing with everyone. Matcha is a cultural magnet between Japan and the rest of the world, and, like many foods, has shaped the course of history through its trade and exposure. I learned Japanese in the first place because I tried matcha, loved it, and wanted to learn more about it. It was a stepping stone to learning about a whole other culture completely alien to me at the time. Matcha is a health, historical, and culinary marvel- it’s my absolute passion.

Here at MariMatcha, we offer organic, premium teas, free of unnatural pesticides or GMO’s. Regardless of one’s stance towards organic/GMO foods, we couldn’t offer a product that has any potential for harm, seen or unforeseen, days or years down the road. By offering a product that meets those standards, we hope to raise the bar for the benefit of consumers, who are the lifeblood of our company. You deserve it.

 Here at MariMatcha, we want to share our passion with you. We hope you'll feel the same about our Matcha! 

When I discovered I had Celiac Disease, the idea of food as functional medicine became almost an obsession with me. Researching superfoods and their effects on the body, I happened upon matcha tea, learning about its anti-inflammatory effects, nootropic capabilities, and antioxidant count, and thought "Wow- I have to try this!". Luckily for me, I met Marie, a lifelong matcha drinker, who exposed me for the first time to Matcha- the rest is history. The positive effects of Matcha were evidenced with me within a few days of drinking it consistently- I felt calm, focused, and significantly better than I had before. The idea of sharing this panacea of health was always on the back of our minds, and one day, we decided to act on that. MariMatcha was something we could be proud of. When the dream we built together became a reality, it was the happiest day of my life. まり抹茶大好き!