Matcha Recipes


  • | Marie R

    Gluten Free & Vegan Guilt-free Matcha Cookie Dough

      This week has been full of Matcha cookies. I started off my Monday with some chewy and crunchy Matcha white chocolate cookies and now am more than excited to venture into... edible Matcha cookie dough! Made with hearty almond flour, coconut oil & cream, and vegan chocolate chips, this cook... View Post
  • | Marie R

    Rich & Creamy Avocado Matcha Ice Cream! (Dairy Free!)

    We all know that Matcha is practically overflowing with antioxidants, topping the charts with a whopping 1384 ORAC count per gram! We also know that Matcha tastes great and pairs with just about anything - so why not pair this healthy superfood with rich avocados in the form of Matcha avocado i... View Post