Matcha Recipes


  • | Marie R

    Gluten Free & Vegan Guilt-free Matcha Cookie Dough

      This week has been full of Matcha cookies. I started off my Monday with some chewy and crunchy Matcha white chocolate cookies and now am more than excited to venture into... edible Matcha cookie dough! Made with hearty almond flour, coconut oil & cream, and vegan chocolate chips, this cook... View Post
  • | Marie R

    Monstrous-Sized White Chocolate Chip Matcha Cookies (GF!)

      We can all agree that Matcha and white chocolate is the one of the best pairing in the culinary world, which is why today I wanted to make some delicious, chewy, and buttery white chocolate chip cookies with antioxidant rich Matcha powder! These cookies are super easy to make and are irresisti... View Post
  • | Marie R

    Antioxidant-Packed Matcha Buttercream Almond Cookies!

    When life gives you Macarons, make... Matcha Almond cookies?? The other day I BRAVELY decided to make some Matcha Macarons for a little get together- but little did I know what I was venturing into! While I have had many years of baking and culinary adventures under my belt, I wasn't quite ready ... View Post
  • | Marie R

    Easy & Delicious Matcha Shortbread Cookies! (Gluten Free)

    When I was rummaging through the pantry the other day with a craving for something Matcha and something sweet, I stumbled across the perfect easy to make, 3-ingredient (plus Matcha, of course) recipe that I could think of: Matcha short bread cookies!  These short bread cookies are so easy to mak... View Post
  • | Marie R

    Perfectly Crunchy & Delicious Homemade Matcha Cookies!

    Perfectly Crunchy & Delicious Homemade Matcha Cookies!   One of my favorite treats is a crunchy, yet soft and fluffy Matcha cookie -- crispy on the outside with sweet caramelization and soft and warm on the inside. The Matcha cookie is deliciously nutty an... View Post