Refreshing & Antioxidant-rich Matcha Lemonade!

With summer bringing in intense heat, there is nothing better than enjoying a chilled glass of lemonade. Likewise, there is nothing better than a chilled cup of Matcha to cool your body down and leave you in a state of meditative relaxation!

Which is why today, I wanted to combined Matcha with the sweet and sour taste of lemons to make an icy chilly Matcha lemonade!

This is great for any occasion, from summer pot-lucks to picnics! 

Let's check it out! 


Prep time: 10

Yields: 2 cups of Matcha Lemonade


  1. MariMatcha Matcha Powder... 1 tsp
  2. Lemons... 5
  3. Ice & Water 
  4. Honey... optional



  1. Make the lemonade by squeezing 4/5 of the lemons into a container with water. Use the 5th lemon to cut slices to keep in the water. 
  2. Into two cups, pour the blended Matcha powder over ice. 
  3. Top with the fresh lemonade & drizzle honey if desired! 

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Love this

"I love this product the taste is really good I use it instead of coffee now for my morning drink and it gives me clear minded energy"

– Kirsten R. on "Usu" Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha (30g)