Matcha - An Elixir of Longevity: 6 Ways Matcha Has Been Shown to Slow Aging

Matcha - An Elixir of Longevity: 6 Ways Matcha Has Been Shown to Slow Aging


People are often surprised when I tell them my real age. I recall one encounter with a friendly cashier at a grocery store, who glanced down at my cake pans and baking goods as he scanned them and asked if it was for a birthday celebration. Once I explained that it was for my own birthday cake, he paused for a second to guess how old I was turning. 

The first time he guessed, he was off by three years (younger), to which I laughed and told him that he was wrong. He could gather from my reaction that he was very off, but instead of bumping up a couple of years, he jumped down a total of five years, leaving me eight years younger than I actually was. A giggle escaped my lips and I proceeded to tell him my actual age. 

A silly story, to say the least, but such an occurrence is not rare for me. While some might point out that it is polite to assume that a woman is younger than she actually is, I am not at the age where someone would feel pressured to do so. In fact, the error in the cashier's guess left him blushing bright red from embarrassment and apologizing repeatedly for assuming I was so young.  

The age people tend to guess I am is on average 5-6 years younger, which also just so happens to coincide with the time I started to drink Matcha on a regular basis. Keeping up the habit for about six years now, I cannot remember a day I went without an earthy, creamy, cup of ceremonial grade Matcha. It is almost as if Matcha has paused my internal clock, leaving me hardly any different from when I was six years younger. No wonder it was once called "an elixir of immortality".

Hence, when I search for the reason why I look much younger than I actually am, I attribute it to years of healthy eating, living, and most importantly, drinking Matcha! 

Having shared with you my own experience, I would like to talk about the anti-aging effects Matcha has on avid drinkers. From a boosted immune system and an increase in cellular regeneration to skin protection, it will become clear that Matcha is indeed an anti-aging miracle drink! 

The Skin: A Glimpse into the Body's Internal Clock 

While other factors such as body shape, certain manners, or even clothing can give away some one's age, signs of aging is most easily seen through the skin. Whether it is due to the presence of wrinkles, sun-spots, or blemishes, or the lack, thereof, the skin can show your true age.

Matcha is known for its skin rejuvenating and enhancing abilities. From its stunning presence antioxidants, which can fight free radicals and prevent cellular damage within the body (including the skin), to the presence of chlorophyll, which almost acts like a UV-blocking sunscreen, there are a number of ways Matcha has a positive effect on your skin's health! 

Let's take a look!

1) An Antioxidant Powerhouse With Cellular-Rejuvenating Properties  

Matcha is famous for its incredible ORAC count. Topping the charts at 1384, Matcha has a higher count per gram than blueberries (91), dark chocolate (227), and pomegranates (107) combined! 

Antioxidants inhibit harmful cellular oxidization caused by free radicals (hence the name). The presence of free radicals can be due to unprotected skin exposure to harmful UV radiation from the sun, pollution, smoking, and many more. By consuming a diet high in antioxidants, you give your body the means to cope and prevent cellular oxidization/destruction. Of course, this extends beyond just preventing cellular damage in the skin and can improve your body's well being as a whole. 

2) Flavonoids & Their Ability to Fight Inflammation 

One of the main building blocks of antioxidants are flavonoids. Flavonoids are plant-pigments found in most fruits and vegetables and even in your glass of wine. Matcha's high antioxidant count carries with it a strong presence of flavonoids, which have been shown to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties, among many others. 

Inflammation is linked to a number of health problems, including cardiovascular disease and cancer, but is also linked to the skin. Prolonged Inflammation in the skin can lead to psoriasis, acne, rashes, and other forms of dermatitis. Consuming a diet high in flavonoids, therefore, is not only linked to longevity, but can also reduce skin swelling and leave your face glowing. 

3) Catechins: 

Catechins are another component of Matcha's antioxidants. As part of the chemical family of flavonoids, they are known to not only boost one's daily metabolic rate and induce the breakdown of fat cells, but also improve skin elasticity through anti-inflammatory effects.

4) Chlorophyll & Reducing Skin Damage: 

If you have experimented with a number of Matcha grades before, you may have noticed how certain grades of Matcha have more of a blue tint than others. This is actually due to the presence of chlorophyll, which is induced during the shading process. Chlorophyll has been purported to also have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, helping to protect our skin from scaring and other damage.

For example, Chlorophyll is best known for its skin protective properties by inhibiting damage caused by harmful UV radiation. In fact, a study surveying over 1000 subjects found that those who consumed more than 3 servings of dark leafy green vegetables on a regular basis reduced their risk of skin cancer by 55%! 

5) Natural Detox: 

A build up of toxins can be reflected in one's skin, leading to blemishes, acne, and white heads. Chlorophyll is also known to naturally detoxify the body through drastically reducing inflammation, supplying our bodies with magnesium, and destroying bacteria that could lead to infections.

6) Rich in Nutrients



Last of all, Matcha is naturally rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, including Vitamin A, C, selenium, and magnesium! Drinking Matcha along with a diet rich nutrients and low in processed food can leave you looking years younger and even promote longevity!  

Now that you have explored all the great health benefits of Matcha green tea, are you excited for your next cup? Want a delicious, high-quality, Matcha that will surely put a kick in your step? Our ceremonial grade Matcha is on sale, meaning that you can save a whopping $13.00!

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