7 Reasons Why I Drink Matcha Green Tea Every Morning

7 Reasons Why I Drink Matcha Green Tea Every Morning


They say that it takes 21 days to turn something into a habit - And if there is one healthy habit that I have maintained consistently not for just 21 days but for basically six years now, it's drinking Matcha Green Tea every morning. 

Yep. I'm serious. Thats 2250  days of drinking Matcha non-stop. 

When people hear this, they are often inclined to ask me why I so religiously consume matcha on a daily basis. Is it that good for you? Does it taste that amazing? And to be honest, yes. I love Matcha so much that could not imagine going a day without it. 

In this post, therefore, I am going to delve into the 7 main reasons why I drink Matcha green tea every morning and why you should too!

1) For a pick-me-up 

Forget the coffee, Matcha gives the best caffeine kick one could ever experience. Sure, it does not have as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, but that is not the goal here -- when we wake up in the morning, the last thing we want to do is bombard our bodies with concentrated caffeine. Matcha's lower caffeine content and resulting energy is clean, pure, and is slowly released into the bloodstream. This means no coffee-jitters, but only alert-energy. 

2) For a Metabolism Boost

Matcha is known to naturally boost your immune system due to its high levels of catechins and EGCgs. In fact, consistent Matcha drinkers are known to have a basal metabolic rate about 30-40% higher than those who don't drink Matcha. 

So, one of my favorite things to do is drink a cup of matcha about 30 minutes before my morning workout. Studies have shown that drinking matcha prior to working out increasing your rate of fat burning! As you can see, jumpstarting my metabolism is just another reason why I drink matcha every morning!

3) For Meditation

One thing I really take joy in is taking some time to meditate in the morning. I don't mean a full-blown meditation session, but just a time where I can close my eyes and focus only on my breathing. It helps me clear my mind and plan the day ahead. 

I have found Matcha to be very helpful in my morning meditation and it makes a lot of sense why. After all, Buddhist monks in Japan would drink matcha prior to meditation to obtain a state of alert meditation. 

How does matcha do it? There is a actually scientific reason behind why Matcha allows you to feel so relaxed and focused and that is the amazing compound known as L-theanine. Not only is L-theanine famous for its stress and anxiety-reducing, mood-enhancing properties, but is also know for its ability to enhance the production of alpha waves in your brain. These brain waves are similar to theta-waves, which are produced during your sleep-cycle, but lack any drowsy properties. Just imagine being in a state of relaxation without the drowsiness that comes along with sleeping and closing your eyes. This is why Matcha is so great for meditation. 

4) For Enhanced Focus

I cannot get to work without drinking Matcha. Whether it's school, work, an exam, or a big event that day, I always enjoy drinking matcha prior to it. It signals my body to focus, concentrate, and get into work-mode! It even helps by reducing stress and anxiety that may be present due to the task at hand. 

5) For a Morning Detox

High-quality Matcha has rich presence of Chlorophyll, which is a result of proper shading and gives it a vibrant green color with tints of blue. But Chlorophyll doesn't only make matcha look beautiful, it also is great for detoxifying your body and ridding it of harmful toxins. 

Drinking a refreshing cup of Matcha every morning helps to rid my body of any harmful toxins and as a result makes me feel great! 

6) For Immune & Cellular Protection

I drink Matcha every morning to ensure that my body stays healthy, and quite honestly I have noticed a significant effect!  

7) For Pure Happiness

Last of all, I enjoy Matcha every morning simply because it makes me happy. Why wouldn't you want to indulge in health and happiness?

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