The History of Matcha -- From Tradition to Modernization

Matcha is Full of History and Tradition

Ever wonder where Matcha came from? Many people drink Matcha blind to the rich tradition that lays within every foamy, creamy bubble. The purpose of this post, therefore, will be to explore how Matcha got from China, to Japan, to your rich cup of MariMatcha in the first place!

What is Matcha?

The name "Matcha", in Japanese, literally means "powdered tea". Matsu, or "抹" in Kanji, means to pulverize, grind or mash. Cha, or ”茶” means tea. Together, the "Tsu" in Matsu is dropped, as Tsu signifies the verb form, and you get matcha, or 抹茶. The Kanji characters used in Japan are the same as the characters in China (although the pronunciation is slightly different in Chinese- confusing, this is for a point, I promise!). 

Tea, in all of its various guises, was first cultivated in China according to legend around 2700 BC, with the Chinese emperor Shen Nong discovering brewed tea and introducing it to his people as a form of medicine. It wasn't until almost 4000 years later that tea was first brought over to Japan.

From China to Japan

The Zen-Buddhist Monk Eisai first brought a form of powdered green tea over to Japan in 1191 A.D., and from there, the tea was interwoven into a highly detailed ceremony known as "茶道”, or "sadō" (Way/Path of Tea).  This ceremony is a beautiful glimpse into the culture of Japan, showcasing the values of perfection in every detail and more. You can click this link to check out a video of the whole ceremony!


In today's age, you probably won't spend 4 hours preparing and going through the traditional, classic Japanese Tea Ceremony every time you enjoy MariMatcha. And that's ok! Blending high quality, organic matcha tea and making iced matcha is the perfect way to cool off, relax, and get all of the health benefits that Matcha provides. If you do prefer it hot, a hot cup of Matcha Tea is a sure path to a calm, collected, and focused day.

Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about the history of Matcha! If you have any questions, ideas, or want to know more at about matcha, message me anytime at! You can read more about the health benefits of Matcha as well!

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