ceremonial grade


A ceremonial grade at an economical price - Usu has has a delicious and creamy taste that is perfect for enjoying the amazing health benefits of Matcha on a daily basis. 

Used for Drinking/Enjoying: 
Best for health benefits due to high nutritional content. 

* High Amino Acid Count & Rich in Calming L-theanine.
* Sweet and Earthy Flavor with Savory Undertones.
* Perfect for making Iced Matcha, Lattes, & Traditional Matcha.

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Culinary Grade


Amai fully captures the earthy and nutty taste of Matcha, making it perfect for baking and adding it to recipes. 

Used for Baking/Cooking 
Best for baking Matcha & Green Tea flavored treats.

* High-quality Culinary Grade.
* Strong Earthy and Nutty Flavors.
* Best Grade for Baking & Smoothies.

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premium Ceremonial grade


For the experienced Matcha-drinker, Koi is best enjoyed as a an experience for the senses. It may also be prepared as Koicha, or thick-tea, in tea ceremonies.

The Fine Wine of Matcha

* Highest-quality Premium Ceremonial Grade.
* Sweet & Savory undertones with minimal bitterness.
* Great for Koicha (traditional thick-tea).

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Better Taste, Better For You

We've chosen only the finest tasting, highest-quality and healthiest Matcha Green Tea that Japan has to offer. With no grassy or bitter aftertaste, our Matcha outshines other brands.

✓ Superior High-Quality Flavor
✓ High Amino Acid and Nutrient Count
✓ Freshly Ground & Packaged​

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An Experience For Your Senses

Relish in the taste of authentic Japanese Matcha Green Tea, born from the same plant that was once enjoyed by emperors, samurai, and monks alike!

✓ Relaxing and Meditative Properties
✓ Rich with Japanese Culture and Tradition
✓ Perfect for Traditional Tea Ceremonies

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